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Selling Timeshare Fractional in South Africa

When placing your fractional shares on the market for resale, there is no better place to do it than right here.

Rather than spending a lot of time and effort using other, less effective advertising platforms, allow us to take the information right to your target market.

When considering selling your timesharing, rest assured Timeshare Specials has the means and the exposure to best market your timeshare weeks. Besides our internal upgrade system where by out of season timeshare weeks can be traded for in season timeshare weeks at a cost relative to the demand of the inventory or peak for similar weeks where the same criteria applies. Our expertise and database of buyers will give the timeshare seller the best opportunity of disposing of their weeks at favourable prices.

We'll be happy to list your weeks at no cost, simply provide us with your information and we will start the process.

Sell fractional timeshare in south africa
Simply provide us with your information and requirements and we'll start the process of finding a rental to suit your needs.

*Kindly bear in mind that most weeks run from a Friday to Friday, but may be split into a three-night weekend and four-day midweek break during low season.